A guided self examining spiritual process of entering the subconscious mind

Clients participate in a private 1 on 1 session & begin a diligent process of mental examination. Through powerful & therapeutic conversation the individual can begin to eradicate painful thinking by destroying problematic beliefs. The goal of Treatment helps the individual to come to the realization that the life they've always wanted is completely obtainable in the present reality. Typically sessions lasts 40-50 min.

Sound Elixirs

A unique meditative sound experience made specifically for you

Sound elixirs are organic music tracks that contain frequencies which curate a pathway for the mind to enter into expanded states of consciousness. These elixirs feature Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, bells, gongs, and most importantly the human voice.  Clients will receive a unique personalized recording made specifically for them. Your sound elixirs will be created with the intention to address precisely what you are seeking help with.

Group Sound

Private meditative group experience

Whether it be a birthday party, bachelorette weekend, corporate retreat, or family vacation a group sound event is a great way to connect to the spiritual plane with the ones you care about. Private Group Sound Events are frequently held in downtown Rehoboth Beach in arial hammocks. The event has openings for up to 14 people. While at a live event you can be exposed to the higher frequency presence of crystals while also engulfing in the sound meditation environment. This environment can help to release tension in the mind that is held and built up from the constant demand of our busy society.


The Stone that fell from the sky

Moldavite is generally accepted as being a stone for the new age. This is because it carries the energies of the extraterrestrial world. These, combined with our planet’s vibrational energies, result in a powerful range of healing and spiritual frequencies, which can be felt as soon as you hold the stone in your hand. Even people who are not usually sensitive to the vibrations of crystals will feel a difference when they come into contact with this stone. The stone is rare and found only along the banks of the River Moldau in Eastern Europe. It is believed to have been formed when a large meteor collided with the Earth about 15 million years ago and formed a “strew field” of molten rock, which then hardened into the green crystals of Moldavite


Clean up your space

Bring tranquility to your home, work space, office, or place of business