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Concerning Moldavite purchases:

We now offer more 3 shipping options via USPS.  

If you would like your order mailed to you using USPS Registered Mail, which is recommended for expensive pieces, please write us on our Contact page specifying which piece[s] you would like to buy and how you’d like them sent. We will get back to you with shipping cost. 

Local customers may pick up in person to avoid shipping cost. Send us a message through the Contact portal to make arrangements. 



What is Treatment?

Let’s begin with what it’s not. Treatment is not therapy or counseling. The format may look similar, in that you have a conversation to explore what is troubling you, however you will not be given advice nor be evaluated. You will simply be asked to unburden yourself of all the painful, scary thoughts that are clouding your experience. Julie will guide you through a series of questions designed to thoroughly eradicate limiting beliefs. At the end of the session you will feel lighter and clearer.

Julie’s experience with Treatment: “I like to use this analogy to describe my experience of Treatment: When I went to therapy, I would take out all the disturbing memories that had been stuffed in my closet. I would talk about them with my therapist and then I would put it back in my closet in a neat and organized way - which felt better. With Treatment, I would take those disturbing memories back out, talk about them again but at look at them from different angles, and then they would go into the garbage, which would then be collected, and I’d forget that it had even been an issue. After that something closer to what I’ve always wanted would show up in its place! Amazing. I have changed immensely from Treatment.”