About Gifted Alchemy

EST. 2021

Gifted Alchemy was founded by Julie Fisher in (insert year). The (insert hometown) Delaware native considers herself a gifted reorganizer.  As a young child Julie found interpersonal relationships between to be something her empathetic nature gravitated towards. There was always a longing to understand the deeper constructs of the human soul and spirit. It is this curiosity that led her to branch out and begin to travel outside of rural Delaware. Over the years the journey has led to Penn State, New York City, Seattle, The Bahamas, Hawaii and many places. While submerging into these locations there were many pivotal mentors along the path that enlightened her on higher states of mind. These influences were Alexandra Mardquart, Tumana Zake, Jodi Serota, Kenya DeLa Rosa, and Byron.

Julie reorganizes the way her clients think about and experience Life through powerful one-on-one sessions called Treatment. Through her gift for Sound, she reorganizes people’s perception of Life by revealing the perfection that is already present. She has reorganized countless bodies over the span of a twenty plus year career as a talented licensed massage therapist.   

As far as the who, what, where, when and how… may it suffice to say that Truth/Life/Love acting as: Penn State, New York City, Yamuna Zake, Jodi Serota, Alexandra Mardquart, Kenya DeLa Rosa, Byron Katie, divorce, Adyashanti, the Bahamas, Seattle, Hawai’i, Kimberly Klein, Joel S. Goldsmith, Sound Healing, and Jeff Rice was instrumental in helping Julie to ‘know thyself.’ 

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